I'm new here

… well I’m sort new here, I used to frequent this forum back in 2001 when Cubase VST 32 was the current version and there people like Paul Woodlock (??) the late Mike Elliot and a handful of other folks. I always found there to be a lot of interesting information and sometimes even more interesting debates. I noticed that there is a friend and foe list feature in the profile… has the forum gotten so nasty that that options is needed?..lol

Anyway… is there anyone still around from a decade ago?


I don’t use the foe list, generally the mood is fine here :wink:.

As for old guys: plenty of them around, but I don’t know how long they’ve been here, I’m a youngster :wink:

The friend/foe list is a great tool and I use it for a couple of posters. I been a forum member since 2000. The forum is way better these days than back then. However ,I’m at the point in life that I just get tired of hearing people bad mouth everybody and everything over and over and over. Since you can’t just stay away from their threads because they can pop up in civil conversations, I use the list. Its probably just an atrifact of getting old but it would really be sad to see the same uninformed rants and put downs year after year. Would rather it be called “blocked sender list” but whatever. I wouldn’t post here without it.

I’m sort of new here too :slight_smile: But I’m sort of used to message boards, I go on the Lego message boards…But anyway…I was wondering…Can you upload songs and movies here on cubase :exclamation:

Made with Steinberg section

Do you speak Lego? Cant wait to read your future posts.



There is an actual lego community.
Why has noone told me this before!

There is a Lego discovery center in Toronto… apparently some grown ups tried to go without kids and were denied entry, bit of a fuss was made about it in the press but checking the site I see they now have an “adult” night…


When I was a kid we had tons of Lego sets. We loved it. A few years ago, I bought a Lego set just for fun and built all the different models in the instructions. I actually had a fun time doing it. Then, I just gave the set to one of the neighbor’s kids.

+1 for audio files but are ‘vids’ allowed as well?

And if so, they have to be ‘linked’ to an outside source?

Howdy Newman,

I went by the forum name “prism” in the old forums. Nice to read you here again.

Best Wishes,

Hey You go there too:D My username is bonrw5 :slight_smile:

Yeah, It’s great:) My username is bonrw5

Hello, Newman!

I remember you :sunglasses:

I was, and remain, twilightsong (and WAY back I was Doug Hazelrigg)