I'm new to the world of recording and mixing, all tips are welcome

Hi, I’m new to the forum and studio recording. I’m 17 and I’m really interested in recording. I graduated music high school so I have no problem with that, but I have nowhere to study studio where to learn live. I’ve been researching about recording and equipment for half a year … but now I just want to get started with my studio. The direction I would like to go is recording with microphones, recording bands. I know it is an expensive sport but I wish I could go with cheaper equipment if possible. I was thinking of buying a Mackie SR 40.8, a Motu 24 I/o and connecting it to a computer, I would like you to tell me which program is worth the most, I haven’t watched the microphones yet, so I’d like some advice. I’ll get the instruments already, because to begin with I would rely on the friends playing the drums … I’m still interested in the flow signal, where I connect in the console after pc. Well here if anyone wants it, I eagerly await comments. tell me what you think of the equipment I listed. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m gonna give you a somewhat vague answer because everything depends on everything.

First you will need a DAW and as this is the Steinberg forum I will suggest Cubase, either Artist or Pro depending on your needs.
Then you will need an audio interface with enough inputs to cover your needs.
You wont necessarily need a console as you can do everything in the box.
For microphones, it really depends on taste and what sound you are going for, and you will get as many suggestions as there are microphones when you ask about this.