I'm No Longer a Beta Tester for Steinberg

After many many years of promptly buying updates for Cubase (I started on SX3) I’m passing this time. I’m tired of being a free beta tester for the company. I’m still :imp: about their false advertising of the capabilities of MR816s, not to mention the fact that I’m :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: furious there are still now W10 drivers for them. I’m not giving these people one more cent until they stop treating all of us like fools. Until all of us start demanding that products are actually market ready when they are released, do what they say they will, and are properly maintained, companies like Steinberg/Yamaha won’t change their business practices. They clearly don’t care when we post here, or when we express our frustration with tech support. Perhaps they will care if we all stop funding their abusive policies. This time, I’m voting “no” with my wallet.

+1 I am inclined to agree with you. This is beginning to look more like a 'Computer Associates ’ situation (for those of you old enough to remember) than a leading-edge technology company committed to its user base by providing frequent fixes and updates. A terrible shame really but we are probably witnessing the beginning of the end of Steinberg as a leader.

haha :unamused:

Another Beta Tester here resigning.


The shame is when someone thinks throwing money at an issue is solving it. Broken product has been coming out of companies for far too long, microsoft is a leader in this practice… yet people pay. Denying people who say they are doing good for you, but not paying them should get their attention, but it doesn’t. Shaming someone that wants a proper product… the shame is your for saying something like that

Totally agree…

Had to try the update because there were some important things that would really help my workflow.

And I can honestly say, I feel like a Beta tester since I got 8.5.0 build 69, the only difference is, when I do Beta testing for developers I get feedback to my queries/found issues and a reward. (which makes it worthwhile)