IM NOOB - Recording drums - only coming out Left speaker

I’m pretty new to Cubase (I have Cubase 4) and this problem is really frustrating. This might be a simple fix but HAVE NO IDEA.
I have a Lexicon Omega interface and a Yamaha DTXplorer. I am recording the drums and its showing up and recording everything but it only records through the Left side of the speaker! Everything else (Bass, keyboars etc records fine through both sides. I have no idea why and im not familiar with technical bits of recording… Someone PLEASE help… :open_mouth:

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May I suggest you read the getting started manual and go step by step throuh things - check pan too

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Check your busses in VST connections (F4) and your Inspector input/output routing. I know, stating the obvious but it just needed to be said. :wink: