I'm Not All That Gooey About The CB8 GUI

I’m going to purposely misquote a Bill Murray line from the movie Stripes:

“There’s something terribly wrong with (this), something terribly, terribly wrong with (this)”.

Because when I open CB 7.5 and CB 8 side by side, the GUI in 7.5 is just… better.

I’m all for the improvements made in CB 8. And I do like the thought of Steinberg trying to update the CB GUI but, in my opinion, we took a step backwards… Mommalouie!

Sorry for the babble and the misquote. The real quote should be “There’s something terribly wrong with us, something terribly, terribly wrong with us”. Maybe that’s the quote I should have used. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Your commentary, unspecific as it is, is your opinion, so the use of a collective “us” would be wrong. I felt that 7.x was half baked and 8.x is nearly done, but that’s my opinion.

I like the C8 GUI way better than the construction site C7. But that’s only my opinion.

Yea, my comment/opinion was purposely unspecific because I find it hard describe my general impression of the way it “looks”.

But, to be slightly more specific I will describe that side by side 7.x looks “crisper” to me, if that makes any sense. 8.x looks more like how I see things on my ipad. More, I dunno, “cartoonish” (again hard to describe). I guess I am more of a “Classic Windows” theme kind of guy. So that newer general look and my biggest GUI gripe, not having an “always on top” mix console gives the edge to 7.x GUI-wise.

Again, this discussion is only for the GUI aspect of CB. I really like what 8.x provides for all the new capabilities and fixes. So if all the improvements of 8.x were just dumped into the 7.x GUI that would be better (for me anyway).

And I agree with not using the word “us” (and I didn’t). I know that many CB users prefer the 8.x GUI.

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c7 seems rigid to me now. like c8 gui very flexible and solid looking.

So that newer general look and my biggest GUI gripe, not having an “always on top” mix console gives the edge to 7.x GUI-wise?

Is that a question for me?

Regards. :slight_smile:

Functionally, I like the C8 GUI . . .

(except the “Hover” thing - which I tried to like but I have my channels very narrow and in fact I DO click the wrong thing quite a bit)

From an aesthetic standpoint . . I thought I did.

However . . . there are these “Nuendo Wishes” videos a guy put together over in that forum (quite interesting).

And he switches back and forth between various DAWs showing improvements he desires in Nuendo.

And, looking at the video, I found my self (regrettably) many times preferring the . . uhmm . . cleaner look of Logic and Pro Tools (which I own but barely use).

Mind you, I’m a major Cubase fan.
Maybe I’d get tired of the others also if I used them constantly.


No always on top hey… What’s the deal with that? I’m glad I’m still using 7.5.

Agreed, it is lame not having the option for the AOT mixConsole.

Steiny is aware of users hoping to get this needed option back.


Anyway, I dont hate the CB8 GUI. I just prefer how CB7.5 looks and works at this time. It seems as though there are a lot of small things in version 8 that weirdly don’t work as they should. Search the CB8 forum for the term “GUI” and you will see many reports of things that are not working quite right.

Nothing a few “maintenance releases” can’t fix. I hope. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

both gui’s are ugly, simple as that :wink:

+1 - well said. :sunglasses:

Even ugly gui’s need love! :wink:

Pro 8 is my first upgrade since Pro 6. Damn it is fugly. Much preferred the look of Pro 6. Oh well, nothing for it but to put up with it and get used to it. Kind of like an ugly friend who is really nice, powerful, and semi-reliable with some not so pleasant quirks.