I'm not getting Flow headers when creating custom master pages


My first post at the forum. I am creating a booklet of etudes, exercises and short melodies for my students to work on through their summer break. In order to create the look I want I have delved into custom layouts, as I want to be able to mix text, music and images freely. I do however want to retain the flow headers, but as I pull up the individual flows in their music frames, the flow headers are not shown. After reading different threads here on the forum and looking at various tutorials on Youtube, as well as reading the manual, I think the settings are right, but I still don’t get the look I want. It’s probably a simple enough thing to sort out when one knows how.

I have 12 flows in total I want to work with, but I’ve only pulled two of them into the layout in engraving mode. I want to know how to deal with the flow headers before I spend too much time on the layout of the document. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the Flow headers to show in custom master page layouts, or am I wasting my time?

Sommarbone lvl 1.dorico (628.1 KB)

If you build the music frames into custom Master Pages, you’ll get Flow Headings, subject to the Layout Options being set accordingly.
If you override individual pages, which is what you’ve done here, Dorico will lock down various layout settings at the point at which you override the page, meaning that the onus is on you to draw in text frames manually and fill them with text tokens (or whatever).

If I understand this correctly I have to add the music frames when editing the master layout itself instead of adding them on a blank master page?

Yep. Basically any time you manually adjust a frame outside of the master page editor, you’re creating an override. When a page is overridden you’ll see that it has a red corner in the Pages panel in the top right corner of Engrave mode.

Ok. Thanks, I know how to move forward with this project then :slight_smile:

There’s certainly a decision to make. In large projects of this kind it can certainly save time to construct a bunch of master pages that you then pull in as necessary, and as long as you save the micro-tweaking for once everything else is set, this works well.

If there are only twelve short flows, though, I can see how to some people it’s more appealing to do the layout entirely manually, and one timesaver that comes to mind is that if you select a frame (or a bunch of frames) on one page, you can then copy them to another page from the menu that appears when you right-click a page in the Pages panel.

Flow headings are never shown in layout music frames, only in master page music frames.

(Wrote that sentence before finding the link, but that’s some pleasing consistency - almost like the same person wrote both :wink: )

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