I'm Not The One

Original up-tempo Rock song of mine that I
recently wrote and recorded
with Cubase 7.0.4 and Wavelab 7.


Thought’s :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Nice song, halljack! :slight_smile:

It had some good singing and some really good guitar work. That said, I did think it lacked a little variation in the arrangement. There was no significant change in instrumentation or phrasing, or sense of building toward the end of the song. Both verses and choruses sounded the same, with all instruments pretty much being played almost all the time. I thought it could use some thinning out in places, to give the song more variation and to give it a place to build to by the last chorus. I do notice that you add a harmonizing guitar part to the last chorus, but I wish there were even more contrast than that. Perhaps removing some of the instrument parts in earlier parts of the song, or changing your guitar playing technique during the verses somehow, and then letting it loose in the last chorus. It just seems very dense right now, with no place for the listener to breathe.

That all said, though… this is not a matter of right and wrong. Only an opinion of something else to try. If you’re happy with how it sounds, that’s all that matters.

I listened to several of your covers as well, and they are very very good!

I generally agree with SLD’s comments - I quite like the song and everything is played well, though I thought a couple of the fills sounded a bit clumsy, and there’s what I find to be a particularly annoying crash symbol panned left that I find really distracting. I thought I heard a few vocal tuning artifacts too that you might to look at - e.g. 0:32 “checking me out

I do find the sonic character of the mix sounds rather ‘thin’ overall, perhaps check lower-mid/upper-bass EQ on vocal and guitars for some added warmth? Also, maybe pull vocal back in the mix. Hard to say really… but I think there’s probably an absence of 200 - 500hz-ish content in this track.


Thanks Sherz and SLD music for the input.

Sometimes I wonder if Wavelab’s analyzer’s Fool my Eyes
to much. I have been pulling some 540 hz down a few db’s
on most of my mix’s lately. Sherz it’s interesting you caught that.

Thanks for the input again guys.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Nice tune and great harmonies in the singing parts. As mentioned before, needs some thinning out in the first part and building up in the final part. I don’t particularly like the drum part, I’d like to hear a much more interesting percussion to give it more life and variation in the drum patterns. Michael.

Michael: Thanks for your opinions and input :smiley:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Hey Jack

Besides the mix sounding a tad thin, the song has a special old school vibe to it, and I like it :smiley: I am by no means a mix expert but when I started out I used to drastically high pass almost everything cause I heard how bass ate up headroom and man I didn’t want that happening. I learnt as I went along that a full sounding, yet still pleasantly bright mix can be achieved by being very careful with the frequency’s below about 250hz. There is a lot of body down here. Although you could roll off below 50hz with a song like this on the low instruments like kick drum and bass. Rock songs don’t really need this low low end, but between 50hz and around 250hz is that big warmth.

Also I’m sure you know this but I used to suck at this and ruined many of my songs (looking back now). Boosting in the upper mids and highs to achieve clarity is perfectly acceptable, but first if something is sounding overwhelmed by a certain frequency range don’t boost to hide it, find that annoying frequency and cut it out. Too much boosting throughout a mix can be fatiguing.

I’m sure you have a lot more experience than me, but I thought I’d share my thoughts with like minded folk like yourself.

All the best and kudos’s on this old school sounding track :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

Thanks Chris: I just turned 60 a month ago and em very
ANALOG old school -in a Digital world. Been Rocking a Long time. My ears have sometimes
fooled me I think lately and I have a definite hearing loss in the 2 -4 kHz range
so says a doctor, Which may result in a Fatigue-y mix now and then. I try to compensate
more lately with friends opinions and using my Eyes a little more,
along with lower Monitor levels. A lot of what you said on mixing I learned a long time ago only,
Digital recording IMO is a much brighter medium than Analog and could result
in ear fatigue more quickly. I think this maybe why people yern for Tape Saturation
and Vinyl records again.

I’ve been using Yamaha NS-10’S for 20 years now along with small
Auratone and small JBL’S. MACKIE is showing some (SO THEY SAY)
NO FATIGUE MONITOR’S and I’m also looking at Genelic’s.

Chris — do me a favor and check some of my Beatle cover song mix’s
on my site and see if you come up with the same opinions
on those 15-20 year old mix’s as – I’m not the one.
They were all recorded ANALOG on a Tascam 4 or 8 track
and mixed to a Panasonic 3500 DAT.

Thanks for your Opinions Chris :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

You see, much more experience than me :smiley: Now I feel like a dork :laughing:

Thanks Jack I’ll check them out. Man that’s one of my greatest fears in this eroding world is loosing my hearing. I love music so much I think I would go insane.
The great thing for me about these forums is seeing what others are doing, gathering advice etc etc. When I get to your age I hope I will still be living this passion. Don’t know if its the same for you, but music is my life man, without it I’d rather pack my bags and get on the homebound train :laughing:

I’ve listened to terrible mixes but I’ve loved the song, and you know what, I just keep listening, a great mix can get you only a percentage of the way, in the end its all down to the music and the passion.

Cheers, Chris

Ok yeah the Beatles covers sound really good :laughing:

Nice one Jack, much respect man!!! (humble bow) :laughing:

Cheers, Chris

Cool song with a late 60s vibe. My main comment would be to work on the vocals a bit more and sing them a bit more relaxed as the timing seems a bit rushed.

iluvstrats: Thanks for the input–Yea more of a Mid 70’s Rock.
I was striving for the 70’S AM radio 3:00 minute type song
with this one. Most of mine have always been 4-5 minutes
With this one I went Intro Chorus–for a little change
I omitted a bridge ----would have gone over 3:00 minutes :laughing:


Chris: In my opinion -when I recorded to tape Analog or Dat Digital -(Out of the Box) vs. Hard disk (In the Box)—there seems to be a mellower sound to Tape–That hard disk’s Lack—I’ve heard of this Fatigue vs. Mellow for some 15 or so years now. I remember friends back in the late 1980’s say that CD’S are real bright. I smiled. Now i’m not so sure.
interesting that the industry started pushing for Tube Mic’s to be used, Tape saturation, and even vinyl records again.
Back to the past. I don’t think the perfect medium is here yet—ANALOG had a lot of problems to like
Head Bump at say 80 Hz , Tape Hiss–Wow & Flutter etc. But a little bit of the two mediums seems to work :wink:

Also on the “hearing” thing my advice is to Mix after a good nights sleep when your ears are fresh-- If your tired don’t record or mix --keep Ear plugs with you. Keep a good distance from RINGO’S – Ride & Crash cymble’s
And be careful around those Loud sounds in life

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Thanks for listening to my Beatles covers.
There a good example of AAD vs. DDD
Out of the Box vs. in the Box :wink: :smiley: