I'm on an orchestral session : different problems are emerging.

I’m on an orchestral session of about 60 tracks (and it’s getting bigger every day …).

I try to organize my workflow to adjust the flow of the volumes of the different sections, and more of the volumes of the different microphones per section (between 4 and 6 pairs)

Different problems are emerging.

The volume envelope is ridiculous. It does not exceed 0 db (we can only reduce, not increase … it’s weird). In addition, it does not indicate values. Really disappointing.

So, we are moving towards volume automation. BUT: to see this automation I need to visually double the number of tracks, as each automation takes up the space of one track. So I have to go from 60 to 120. I’m using folders, but still …

It’s time, Steinberg, to be able to visualize the automation on the main track (see all your competitors).

The same goes for the files. Why does the Folder track, if open, use the space of a track to show nothing? Waste of space! It should be reduced automatically, as soon as the indoor tracks are open.

Another problem: the folders are not visible in the mixconsole. Pro Tools did this wonderfully in 2020. But above all: you can’t move the tracks from the Mixconsole, nor for that matter move around like in the project window! Ouch! Version 10.5, year 2020! Someone is sleeping or has lost their way.

That said, well done for the marker trails. Great management, great functions. And the audio engine.

I add a point: the Reaper mixer allows to place, if necessary, the tracks with fader by floor. It’s extraordinary. It would solve the difficulty of transporting the Mixconsole of Cubase.