I'm out - I'm done!

I think I’ve sadly reached the end of the road with Nuendo.

Since the release of N10 I have been forced to move many projects constantly back and forth between N10 and N8.1.10 due to the fact that N8.2 introduced 16 Insert slots rather than the standard 8 slots. This caused Nuendo to be incompatible with my SmartAV Tango control surface - only the plugin in the first insert slot would have its controls automatically mapped to the Tango’s knobs. Additionally, despite the fact that Nuendo projects are supposed to be backwards-compatible, every time I move a project from N10 to N8 or back again the Input and Output settings are lost and the Midi Device definitions are not recognised properly.

Recently, the Transport Panel completely vanished in N10 for three days. It was not visible in any situation on any of my three screens. I eventually got it back by deleting all Workspaces! I’m sure there is still something wrong with that.

I’ve also found that every new version of Nuendo fails to properly transfer all settings and defaults from the previous version, which often requires setting things up again and often takes weeks before all of the missing items make themselves known.

Due to the above, and other annoying little bugs in N10.3, I thought I’d try going back to N8.1.10 permanently.

Guess what? I like it better!

If I do ever need more that 8 inserts on a channel, adding Group tracks easily takes care of that, which makes me wonder whether or not hard-coding them to 16 was really necessary.

Nuendo works properly with the Tango again and gone are the problems described above and all of the weird icons and fuzzy graphics. In N8 most icons are very easy to understand and read, being black on light-grey backgrounds (in particular the Transport Panel, which in my view is a disaster in N10).

In N8 everything seems sharper and easier to see, read and find.

‘Preferences’ is back to where it’s always been - on the ‘File’ menu (there was really no need to move it from there and to stick it on the outer limits of the ‘Edit’ dropdown).

Saving the metering appearance works in N8. (Why on Earth would such a small thing stop working in N10?)

All of the latest N10.3 VST plugins work in N8 including Padshop-2 and Loopmash-2 (although I can’t imagine using that myself).

I’m not missing the coloured tracks on the N10 MixConsole - every track can already have a colour in the name in N8.

Und so weiter…

I don’t do Post and don’t use ARA or VCA’s (do they even work properly yet?) so am happy to be back permanently in N8.1.10 and no longer on the update treadmill. It’s a relief.

Perhaps N11 will solve all of these problems for me,who knows, but I’m not sure that I have the strength or will any more to go through the process of trying to find out.

Au revoir mes amis - Bon chance.

Welcome to the club, I never uninstalled N8, N10 is there just for wishful purposes.
I’m sure N11 will introduce new and great features, while removing some already established ones and compromising, again, the workflow.


If you increase your job performance with N8 and Tango, well done.

So true ! Even if N10 runs better on my system than N8, 10.3 does not escape from that unfortunate iron rule… Time consumption that should be avoided.

I really used Nuendo for 20 years. Before samplitude 2496, in fact, each version was not completely stable and released a new version. I am also working with ProTools ultimate, but I can’t give up Nuendo. I hope Steinberg can develop new functions under the premise of ensuring the stability of all functions of the existing software.