I'm out!

Just installed N13 and can not work with it.

The new simplified graphics are awful and almost illegible to my grown-up eyes. The Mixconsole looks particularly bad to me, for all the reasons mentioned by others here.

N12 is much more comfortable to use and that is where I have to remain - no more updates.

Additionally, N13 does not work with my SmartAVTango control surfaces. I believe this is to do with a bug in the Steinberg system relating to there being more than one network device on the PC (the Internet connection and the Tango connection). This first became apparent when trying to install the previous version (N12). The installation program would crash when both devices were present. The solution was to disable the Tango network when installing N12 updates and then re-enable it before launching the N12 application. Unfortunately, in N13 the Hub can not be completely deactivated and every time the Hub pops up it indicates that there is no internet connection, consequently it does not see the Tango. Deal breaker - it’s over. I’m guessing that the Hub may have to stay on now as part of the new Licensing system. I just do not want all that Hub stuff anyway.


Just a quick point. You can easily disable the “news” section of the Hub. (So you just see recent projects etc.)

I’m not arguing with you your decision to be “out” but thought it may be worth pointing that out. :slight_smile:

The issue with the Tango network might be that a gateway is defined. There really should be no gateway defined on a network with no wider connectivity.

If you are on Windows, the visibility of the Hub is a side-effect of the change to more standard window behaviour in version 13.

Steinberg has acknowledged there are some shortcomings in the version 13 user interface, which they are working on for a future maintenance update.

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Thanks for the tip, but it does not resolve anything. N13 fails to see an internet connection due to the fact that there are multiple enabled devices present.

I don’t know how to check the ‘gateway’ thing, but will get someone to look at it tomorrow.

The dhcp server will deliver a gateway address to the clients.
If a client is not using dhcp you need to set the gateway address manually in the network configuration of the device.

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Thanks, I’ll mention this to my tech guy on Monday.

There is no gateway defined for the Tango Network.

That is as it should be - so all data intended for non-local networks should travel across the other network.

If you are not using IPv6, it might be worth disabling IPv6 on both your network interfaces in case it is causing problems. I have IPv6 enabled here, but I’m in the relatively unusual position of having Internet connections, a router and network infrastructure that all support IPv6 and have IPv6 properly configured.

How can that be done?

In general preferences, the option is called “Show News in Hub”.

IPv6 is disabled in both network interfaces but this does not resolve the issue. IPv6 WAS active on the internet connection and hopes were high, but disabling it and rebooting has made no difference - N13 does not connect to the Tango. I am convinced that it is something to do with the ‘No Internet Connection Found’ message that is appearing in the Hub.

N12 works with the Tango, N13 does not.

I can not move any further with Steinberg now.

Great, thanks!

too funny - I just updated with the trial and when I opened a project, I’m thinking -did they change anything? I reckon the mix console is going flat graphics that is the trend now, which is also funny considering the “hardware look” was all the rage a decade ago, but I almost didn’t notice that. :smiley: