I'm really really loving the new Key commands it's works really well with the

Stream deck :
I lost my streamdeck templates when my system went down , nothing saved BUT , the key commands saved with C12 imported in to C13 . Brilliant .

With the old key command app you had to type in the key command to see if it was assigned which made setting up the Streamdeck a loooooong tedious job BUT now with the new Assigned tab it’s a breeze , setting up old equipment where you have lost templates is a breeze .
To me this is actually one on my favourite things in the update


yep. This is an additional reason to upgrade, IMO. I discovered its new layout while looking for the Show next/previous tabs commands. Truely a great enhancement, especially the different Assigned and Customized key commands view.

AFAIK and strangely, it hasn’t be listed in the C13 New or enhanced features though, without doubt, deserving it…

Ahhhhhh, yes , Steinberg has a long history of letting you have eureka moments finding things they on purposely never mention (as you most probably know ) .
Im my case , setting the streamdeck back up from scratch has taken a 1/4 of the time . It’s actually enjoyable instead of finger biting lol

Yes, negative news are always in the spotlight.

But things like this go under the radar. This new keycommands window is a pleasure to work with.


This is good news,
I use a stream deck and had contacted Sideshow fx to ask about their stuff.
I have one of there offerings I have modded to suit my needs.
Gladly they have said they will be updating their Cubase profiles to CB 13 before Christmas. So that’s something else I will be looking forward to.
Best regards.

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Hi Sintil8

I thought about the Sideshow but i have other controllers so it’s reallyfor setting out things like all Nudges , zooms … So no CC commands needed

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I have a similar setup, saves a lot of mouse twiddling. My big thing is messing with settings and pulling up various things to edit (cuts out a lot of clickbait).
I’m working on one large screen, it helps me pull stuff up on the monitor and alter stuff on the fly.
I picked up a Sideshow profile whilst they had a sale on. The unversal midi pack, if you use more than one DAW.

Glad folk are finding some good stuff in the CB13 update, makes me feel I want to spend some money. (I’m a recovering GAS survivor) :grinning:
Best regards,