I'm running Cubase 11 Pro and AXR4-U on macOS Ventura. Is it safe to update to macOS Sonoma?

I’m using Cubase 11 Pro and the Steinberg AXR4-U sound card, running on an iMac 27 (2019) with macOS Ventura.
Should I update to macOS Sonoma?
Should I update to Cubase 13 Pro or is it still buggy?
Should I update both, in what order?


Cubase Pro 11 is not officially supported on macOS Sonnoma. AXR4-U is officially compatible.

Please see the Steinberg Sonoma compatibility article.

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Hi Martin!

Thanks for your info. So I should first upgrade to Cubase 12 or 13 before installing macOS Sonoma?


The order of the updates doesn’t really matter.

I’m running Cubase 13 on Sonoma with a AXR4-U here no problems, working really well in fact :slight_smile:

I Have the AXR4 connected to the TB4 port actually on my MBP. It seems TB 3/4 works perfectly with anything USB-C . So in fact I didn’t need to buy and Expensie TB dock it would seem. A cheaper USB-C dock would have worked just fine.