Im So Impressed HS2 H5

HS2 and H5 are just amazing !! Im using both, HS2 in the first slot in the VST instrument rack and
H5 in the second slot. HS2 for the go to and main sounds. H5 for what HS2 can’t do.
This has been the best setup I ever used :smiley: I change my setup completely around…
HS2 GUI is really nice… Way to go Steinberg !!

I cannot express my excitement for Halion, as I un installed it. My reasoning is simple; it’s external library format support is too limited - not enough 3rd party support.

However I love, love the way HS2 sounds and the VST expression support adds critical control to this wonderful sample player.

I’m no sound snob, if the sound is good, it goes into a song. I don’t care if it was modelled or sampled. I only care to create the sound that is in my head at the time.

The speed that I’m able to achieve this with HS2… works for me. Thumbs up Steinberg. .no need to splurge on the Yamaha Motif. …

Great update I am grinning from ear to ear :smiley:

I really don’t care about third party samples for sample players that’s kontakts job, If this beast only had one preset I would still be happy because of the work flow, sound and most important to me …stability .
But that said the preset’s are good and I love the way most of them have been made with the synth engine instead of samples a bit like alchemy .
The granular synth is very good ,it blows the socks off of Padshop pro :smiley:

Well done Steinberg :smiley:

I’d really like to say that I’m impressed with HALion 4 and now 5, but I had just purchased Cubase 7 last month, and barely even scratched the surface of HAL 4, having only opened it once just to see if it installed correctly.

Next thing I know there’s a free grace period upgrade to HAL 5 for me, which I have since installed, licensed & opened up the other day.

I’m thrilled to death with this thing - only thing is: I wish I had HALion 4 first for a while so that I could truly appreciate the differences in HAL 5 now.

But I’m stoked nonetheless! :smiley:

I’m looking forward to unleashing the beast!

I’m reading the manual now to learn all I can.

I had just bought Kontakt 4.2.4 recently, but that seems like more of a ‘motor boat’ now compared to this big beautiful ‘yacht’!

So being brand new to Cubase 7 and Halion 5 and Halion Sonic 2, I must say that I’m lovin’ it all so far.

You’ve managed to pull me away from my 2 other DAWs - one of which I’ve had for 6 years now - when I wasn’t even shopping or looking around for a new one.

I told my Mrs. just today that, so far as I can tell, I think Cubase will be the DAW for me instead of the other 2, what with so many advanced features & all!

Adding HALion 5 & HALion Sonic 2 - that’s just gravy - rich, smooth, creamy gravy!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks so much Steinberg!

Bravo - and Encore! Encore!

Keep on rollin’ and we’ll keep on rockin’!

Yeah can just echo the sentiments above, awesome upgrade Team Halion!
Being able to export and edit the FlexPhaser is such a super-powerful feature, its gonna be a sure favourite for me!