I'm sorry, where is the Podcast feature in Wavelab 11?

WaveLab 11 comes with 45+ new exciting features, improvements and workflow additions in many areas such as Stem Mastering, Multichannel Editing, Analyzing, Dithering, Automation, Plug-Ins, Video, :cold_face: Podcasting, :cold_face: Processing and more. That’s why we made a jump right from version 10 to 11, skipping 10.5.

Read the manual…

hmm, I must have misunderstood, I thought I saw someplace there were some specific settings for the podcast option, similar to whats in Wavecast,

But there is a Podcast setup tab to add pertinent info to your Podcast and connect to your RSS Feed… Better than winging it or sending your recording to another uploader program.