I'm still fighting with the mix console and "always on top"

When working with video with Mix console on monitor 2, I’m still fighting with “always on top” even in 7.0.6. Click a plugin…video hides behind the mixer. Click on the mix console, video hides behind the mix console! Is there ANY way to have the mix console on monitor 2, on full screen where no matter what you click on (video, plugin) it is ALWAYS ON TOP of the mix console? For me, this is the only frustration I have with the new Cubase. Maybe I’m doing something wrong and if so, please show me to the light :slight_smile:

Somebody kindly wrote some code to help fix this issue a while ago …I think it’s here:

May be worth a try…

Thanks. I’ve seen that a while ago. My concern is this could introduce instability down the road if it doesn’t already as Cubase updates get released and I don’t need to introduce new problems lol! I’d rather there was an official Steinberg fix for this already but won’t hold my breath!! After 6 updates I don’t understand how ANY beta tester or SB employee isn’t pulling their hair out on a daily basis with this nonsensical functionality.

…After reading the thread again. maybe I will try it… its not a permanent change… just an executable you have to load every time after loading Cubase, right?

Yes it’s nothing permanent, just something you run with Cubase if you want to… I just tried it again now and it seems to work OK in 7.06, I never had any stability issues when using it.

i haven’t used it much lately myself as my usual workaround is having a button on my mouse assigned to turn off/on the mixer view so I can see those windows which have become hidden under it.

i quite like the C7 mixer approach, (notwithstanding those horrible channel name visuals in 7.05) and i am usually happy using the Steinberg compressors and gate which are so quick and easy to access on the rack, so I find it helps my own workflow overall, but this issue of things disappearing under the mixer is annoying, I agree.

Muds workaround is fine though still not perfect…doesn’t change your install or install anything, it’s just a small run in background program…I have it in my startup folder.

One thing to watch out for…on a few occasions I have thought Cubase has hung on me when it is a dialog box for a vst requiring me to hit OK which is now hidden behind the forced to front plugin…can usually hit return on the keyboard to get back to normal, even though the dialog is hidden, it is in focus.

Fingers crossed for an official fix soon.

Yep. I’m using it now. I see the quirkiness of it with some VST’s but I can live with this until SB actually fixes this.

I use monitor 2 EXCLUSIVELY for the mixer, and it’s set to full screen. Monitor 1 is for the main track page and the various track editors (piano roll, score, variaudio etc.) Monitor 3 is for everything else (VST’s/VSTi’s, video etc.)

I don’t have any problems with this approach. Considering the very low cost of monitors today, I think it’s a solution everyone should consider.

I don’t have any problems with this approach. Considering the very low cost of monitors today, I think it’s a solution everyone should consider.

If you are happy with your “solution” great but to my way of thinking this is not a solution…it is at best a workaround.
I already have 2 monitors, but I want my plugs to open on the mixer screen not the arrange page as when I’m mixing this is where my main focus is.

I agree… and also not everyone’s workstation supports 3 monitors or has the space for 3 monitors.

This litle program works for me. I hope Steinberg implement something like this in future update for MixConsole Always on Top and edit windows.

I am not at home at the moment so I can’t verify this. You can now detach the mixer and have it free floating as in C6. I thought that “always on top” worked in that situation. The detached option is now one of three - right hand click on top bar. As I say I can’t check this myself. Hope this works.