I'm stuck! “sign in” window dont show up after clicking on Cubase LE AI Elements 12 "install process

Hello. I was doing the procedure to install Cubase Elements 12 now that i bought the Steinberg UR22 MkII Value edition. The package comes with activation codes for Steinberg Cubase Elements 11 (It says that it needs to be version 12 when installing Cubase.) and Groove Agent 5. Once i got to the piont when you sign in after installing Steinberg Activation Manager i did as it asked. Then it said that i needed to “Allow your browser (Edge) to install.” A window popped up there i could allow this install from my browser came up. I do not dont remember if i just clicked it away or not but anayway, it dissapeared. I then tried to proceed from the window by cklicking on “TRY AGAIN” a couple of times but nothing happend.

I then clicked away the whole browser, unistalled the Activation Manager and installed it again. But now when i open Cubase LE AI Elements 11 the “sign in” window dont show up.

I have no idea what to do and i’m stuck as there is no imformation about this problem.

// Loke Lind Forsén

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I would try deleting cookies and cache in the browser, or setting a different browser as your default and restarting the computer – then try again.

Apparently, you need to get the Steinberg Download Assistant, or the eLicenser Control Center and Steinberg Library Manager, according to this page that is:

I’ve also just bought the UR22 MkI Value Edition bundle, looking forward to getting it next week.

Have you got yours working yet?

How is it? I am trying to find if you can refound it. It doesent work and its just frustrating. The Steinberg value edtion is the absolutely worst buy ive made. And i have tried to make it work for around 20 hours and in the end it did but then exporting problems and crashes are prone to happen. 160$ in the lake. If you want to have your dream crushed, buy this!

Please contact Steinberg Support, they should be able to help you with your issues and questions:

In the meanwhile, if you describe the issues you’re having in more detail, maybe one of the users here would be able to help. Don’t forget to mention your system specifications and which operating system you’re using. Does your system meet the minimum requirements?