I'm Tired of all this shi# ... mother #@xx&^%ers

Bombings, Terrorism, explosions, buildings falling down, shootings, stabbings, pestilence and the Ice Capades.

Just kidding…

what shit’s that then? fun song, a verse explaining why your tired of all the shit goin down would have been good and easily within you writing capabilities…Kevin

apparently we can’t say that word…didn’t know that!

No cussing allowed on this site. It automatically replaced “shi#” with “flower”.

I’m tired of all this “flower” doesn’t really convey my message very well. It would have been better if it had been
changed to “flour”.

yeah…flower doesn’t really cut it does it…

:laughing: :astonished: I’m tired of this ‘tihs’ too!This has the making of a new generations Country Joe anthem