I'm TRILLING about a trilling!

Hi guys, please take a look at the two pics and please instruct me how to add a trill without the weagly line ie Tr only not Tr~~~.
Thanks my friends. Any news WHEN the next update is to be expected? :smiling_imp:

Best Regards

Select the trill, open the properties panel (Ctrl/Cmd 8) and click on the switch on the left of Has trill line.

If you want to turn lines on or off for all trills, look at Ornaments in Engraving Options.



Hans, you probably wanted to talk to someone nice from over here in this forum :slight_smile:

HUH?? I’ sorry my friend, I do not see any offended words in this thread. :open_mouth:

I did, however, in another threat use somewhat harsher words which a younger person insulted my intelligence by providing an unrelated post (basically creeping butt - which I HATE). Daniel and I spoke about it and he understood my point…and I did assure him that, although being a Warrant Officer in the Navy (Director of Music DMus (IDMAC) qualified) chasing seamen around, I am actually cool; and that I am 98% of the time well composed outside of the Military. This guy just caught me at the wrong time…that’s all. Nothing personally meant by it.

YOU (or perhaps a “sticky” on top of the forum), should also ask people to consider questions by users and NOT provide unhelpful answers as many of us (myself included) are Professors , Doctors, Educators and Music Professionals - who are on an unprecedented quest to learn software that is totally different as we are used to! So PLEASE, unlike Finale and Sibelius, we certainly do not need “Fanboys” here as well…because I might blow my gasket again if a young insults insult my serious question again!

I am a lecturer at Stellenbosch University (teaching Military Band Students for LRSM and ABRSM), having composed numerous works and THOUSANDS of arrangements (many averaging 10 min long); teaching orchestration (voicing) from eg “Rimsky Korsakov Orchestration Techniques” and others. I have students through SKYPE (World Wide) and have sheet music being performed on four continents…the last one was during the “Star Wars Festival” in Texas! They actually sent me 3 MP3’s of the performances of my Star Wars arrangments.

So, all I (and most people here) ask, is to be treated with respect when we ask obviously concerning questions to learn DORICO!

Anyway, thank you for reminding me. I will clamp my thumbnail when irritated by a fanboy! :wink:


Happy New Year Hans,

sorry about my last answer, you misunderstood (English is not my first language). Always very happy to read your posts. It might have to do with the fact that I spent the first years of my life near Stellenbosch (Somerset West actually). Your contributions remind me of how nice people are „over there“ :slight_smile:

Hans, on internet forums capital letters ARE OFTEN INTERPRETED AS SHOUTING.

It’s not anything to do with music, or who’s older or wiser, or training, it’s just internet etiquette (netiquette?).

Thank you :slight_smile: