I'm using M-Audio Hammer pro with Cubase and its arming one track for record all by itself

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone is having ghost commands being triggered in Cubase 12 by the M-Audio Hammer Pro? Its arming one of my tracks (the first track) all by itself and I cannot disarm the track for recording but when I disconnect the Hammer Pro, I can disarm the track with no problem but when I reconnect the Hammer Pro, it rearms the track to record when I don’t want it to. Is there a way to remove this feature? I’m sorry I bought the Hammer Pro, it sucks eggs.


Do you use any MIDI Remote device by any chance, please?

Yes I do, I use a Kong nano


Doesn’t it send a MIDI Message by itself tone to time by accident (broken button)?

No buttons are broken. I was able to fix the issue yesterday by removing the MIDI arming function in Cubase.


It’s not for the first time I hear M-Audio is sending ghost commands.

Do you use it also as a Generic Remote device?

Hello, yes I do because when I use it with cubase it does unwanted commands. Also when I turn it off , it does not keep the settings I made.


As I said already, I have heard about M-Audio keyboards this already. The controls are very soft, so they might move while playing the keyboard.

Do you mean the Genetic Remote? Export the file. This is a known issue. You don’t have to import it back. The export works like save.

Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.