iMac 10.6 Cubase LE 6 issues

I’m working with Cubase LE 6 on an iMac 10.6.8. The hardware interface I 'm using is the Lexicon Omega.
The issues: I’m getting sound through the Lexicon, but Cubase isn’t reconizing it. I’ve gone into the Audio/MIDI setup on the Mac and selected the Lexicon USB for my in and out’s. I’ve gone into Cubase and under Divices setup and the VST connections and switched everything over to the Lexicon Mac USB option.

I can Hear and see on the Lexicon sound coming through, but Cubase isn’t making a conncetion some how. I haven’t download any special drivers.

Help PLEASE. No sure how much longer I can contain my anger at this point.


This question is better directed towards Lexicon and their forums and/or support website, they are supposed to handle the support for the Cubase LE versions provided with Lexicon interfaces and their knowledge of Lexicon interface issues is considerably better than the average Cubase user that inhabits this forum.