IMAC / Bootcamp

I want to change from my Laptop using a windows 7 operating system to the new Apple IMAC. I am currently using Cubase 6, MR 816, several VST instruments like Groove Agent 3, Hypersonic, Halion Sonic…- I would like to upgrade from Cubase 6 to 7 already on the IMAC and install all other components on the IMAC platform. Finally, I plan to use the bootcamp of apple to install windows 7, as well as Cubase 6, MR 816 and all other VST Intruments above mentioned for working on the same computer with the “old” system.
Has anyone tried that already? Would that work? How will that work with the dongles? Will it work that the dongle will accept the windows version in bootcamp mode and when working in OSX mode?
Has some experience with connecting MR 816 (firewire 400) to an IMAC (thunderbolt). Can I use the APPLE Adapter (thunderbolt - > firewire 800) and afterwards add a firewire 800 to firewire 400 adapter?

Many thanks in advacne
Best regards