iMac Late 2012 no fusion drive UR824 USB problem

I been having issues of my UR824 not really connecting to the audio driver
So I turn 824 on first then the mac go to iTunes and hit play not only there is no
sound but it stays at 0 the song won’t advance forward also no sound in Cubase…
I do a restart sometimes it work sometime it will not, Sometimes it works on the first try…

Quick Fix
I found that if I start with just the UR824 plugged in and turn on and the Dongle plugged in
start the iMac everything is find and pretty stable… then I can turn on my KX61 midi board
or plug any other usb device it seams ok… Yes this is ok it s working … so Im happy with that

But just asking if others have this problem Im guessing its a USB problem I have no fusion drive
The ur824 is version 2 firmware and drivers, iMac Maverick all updated, Cubase 7,5 all updated .
Ya as long I boot with just 824 and or the 824 and dongle its ok .

Oh yes I have the Choke on the USB cable as describe… now I don’t know about this and have not removed the choke that it may be the choke is deteriorating the signal ?

Ok I agree my second Question was probably Dumb :laughing:
anyone with the 28M and 44 having similar issue…
and Steinberg do you have any ideas