iMac line in recording

hi -

i am new to this version of wave lab, having previously used version 4.0 years ago on a windows PC. I now have version 8 on an iMac with iOS Sierra.

My question: I am having difficulty recording both from line in and from sound card output. I have tried to set both VST audio connections and iMac system preferences for input and output to reflect these choices and have also tried a griffin imic usb line input (which i have also tried to set as the source for recording). i am unable to get a signal to the monitor and am wondering if an additional plug in is required, or if i am just doing something wrong. any help is greatly appreciated -


Is it just monitor? Are files with audio being recorded, but you just can’t monitor while recording?

If it is just monitor, do you have Monitor Output selections on the Recording Tab of VST Audio Connections?
Also try toggling the Monitor checkbox on the Record dialog window.