iMac loosing connection with MR816CSX

I used to work on PC and MR816CSX through the firewire interface without any problems. Since a couple of days I own the iMac 27" i5 running OSX 10.7 Lion.

Running Cubase6 with Mr816 is as good as impossible because Cubase notifies me every now and than the FW device has been removed. The built-in audio device is all what is left.

Sometimes it is possible to get the connection up again after I quit Cubase, start the MR-Editor and load the initial settings. After quitting MR-Editor I keep my fingers crossed and hope Cubase is able to use the FW interface again.
Many MR- and iMac reboots per day do not make me happy,… actually very sad.

Yes I downloaded the latest MR tools, the latest MR firmware etc. but nothing helps.
The failure can easily be reproduced by opening a project and after that another project. As soon as I select ‘activate project’ the MR816 is unreachable and nothing can get it up again. (as long als Cubase is running)

Steinberg (phone) helpdesk stated I was the very first one having this kind of trouble. (?!)
After some googling I get the impression there are FW-driver problems for MAC since the MR was released a couple of years ago??

I really hope to get/find solutions very soon, otherwise the MR816CSX will leave my setup and the search for a more stable device will start… or … is the iMac to blame for this problem?

With the help of Guillermo (help desk) we found the cause !
It’s the latest version of Cubase6 #6.0.4 … a so called ’ hot fix’ (not officially supported)

After a downgrade to version 6.0.3 it works fine now and this makes me feel happy again.

Still sometimes the connection fails during switching projects, probably caused by the not Lion compliant FW driver 1.7.0 . The new MRTools promises version 1…7.1 but brings only 1…7.0 (:-((

Thanks for raising this. I’m having the same problem with my MR816x on macbook pro since both cubase 6 and mrtools updates!

I have exactly the same problem using Nuendo 5.5.0 on my iMac.
Any solutions, Steinberg?

been having problems, macbook pro running latest osx fails to recognise mr816x alot of the time. cant use with halion 4 standalone as doesn’t show it’s connected. very frustrating!!!