IMAC PRO vs Cubase 9.5

Hello There

We just purchased an Imac PRO and CUBASE 9.5…

It seems slow and buggy… First of it has crashed a couple of times and when we bounce a quite small project it still takes a long time (even longer than our old IMAC from 2013)

Can someone gives us some pointers as how to set up our system?? maybe some sort of checklist??

Thanks in advance…


high sierra IMAC PRO
Cubase 9.5

  • You did update to latest OSX High Sierra ?

  • You did update to latest Cubase 9.5

  • You have newest version of UAD- Apollo software installed ?

  • What are your settings regarding:
    a) audiobuffer size ?
    b) ASIO Guard ?

  • Click on Cubase icon in your Applications folder
    Hit CMD and I keys

  • Enable “Open in Low resolution”
    Does this enabled setting help ?
    If not, disable it again.

yes to the 3 questions…
we have tried different buffersizes…

when we look at activity monitor while bouncing something in CUBASE it looks like only half of the kernels are being used…
is there some way to make CB use all the processor power we have??

i dont know what asio guard is??

will try resolution…

OSX Activity monitor is of not much use when you wanna check realtime performance level in Cubase, so forget Activity monitor for DAW performance analysis purposes.

For ASIO settings goto main menu Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio system.
Tryout different settings there.

ok will do today…
i am right in assuming that the speed in which the computer exports the final song (offline) should be some sort of attest to the processor speed right??
meaning that cubase will use everything the computer has to “bounce” the song right??

If you’re also using UAD plugins, they may be the bottleneck. replace them with something else(that runs on your CPU) and check if export speeds up. Exporting is only really a good test to see how powerful your system is, if that is what you do all day/most of the day.

BTW, exporting is quicker if you increase the buffer size(and lower it again subsequently).