iMac running mountain lion, MR816x, Logic Pro

I configured to 44k as that is the only rate that works with Logic Pro.

I upgraded the Cubase to LE - but if you want to get individual tracks exported you have to spend $$$ to get full Cubase version - sigh.

Playing audio i get dropouts - i have disabled iTunes media sharing, file sharing, notifications, etc and only run Logic Pro on its own - which greatly reduces the frequency of problems, however they still occur.

I get an error:

Error while trying to synchronize audio and midi
42429 recognized
check conflict between logic pro and external device

often when it glitches.

Running Yamaha Steinberg Driver 1.7.1

Do you know if there are plans on fixing the core audio driver to be more efficient - so that i could get 96kHz and eliminate the dropouts?