Image construction error on mediabay

First, i’m sorry for my bad English.
My C7 can’t draw waveform image on mediabay.
This problem drives me so so insane!
There’s no problem on remaining C6.
How can i solve it? please somebody help me!!

i found new problem.
if i process any normal audio file on audio track, then lose its waveform image with image construction error message.
on C6, it works correctly.
i think there’s simple solution, but i can’t know it
what’s the thing i missed?
I’m using win7, ran application in adminstrator mode, hdd capacity is enough, and reinstalled 3 times.

I got the same with the first project I started with 7.0.1 update and haven’t touched any old projects after that in orded not to corrupt those.

And none of the C6 tricks I’ve found out work for the same problem in C7.

Steinberg support suggested me to save a new version of the project (Back up Project -option) to another folder and everything should work fine after that. Just remember to un-tick “keep current project active”.

This sadly didn’t help me at all with the problem but maybe it does it for you!

Thanks for your comment, anttir.
Sadly it doesn’t work… :frowning:

Other possible workarounds could be deleting the files from ‘Images’ -folder from the project folder and then letting cubase to re-draw those. Better to back those files up before the try though!

And other possible way is moving those files from ‘Audio’ folder somewhere else and when opening project, locating those from there.

I found these tricks while googling but neither of those worked for me.

Will keep you updated when I get the next answer from Steinberg’s support

Edit: oh, and I work with OSX 10.7.5 so it’s not OS specific issue either

I’m having the same problem (image construction error) on Win 7 64 after Cubase 7.0.2 update.
But on every new recorded audio file

Any ideas?


Hello, Just set up Cubase 7 yesterday. All is well except that I am getting the “Image Construction Error” whenever I create a new audio file. I’ve read everyones’ posts here. Have any of you found a solution. This seems like such a fundamental problem that I cannot believe it hasn’t been addressed by Steinberg. I’m not sure I can use this software without the images. Thank you all.