Image constructor error

Please how do I fix this image constructor error on my Cubase 5

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Could you be more specific, please? Btw, is to Cubase 5 (as the text says) or Cubase 10.5 (as the tag says).

It on Cubase 5


Could you be more specific? Any context? When does the message appear?

Okay am sending you a photo of it
Thanks for replying I really appreciate


The file is missing. Therefore the image (waveform) cannot be constructed. Once you find the file, the image will be constructed.

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Yep… And seeing the G:\ unit appearing in all the missing files labels, I suspect that the USB key containing these files ( I would NEVER use an USB key as a native location for a still to be edited project components, but well…) is either missing or corrupted…

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thank u