image display in print mode BUG

see the attached pict how a perfectly displaying logo shows up in the print mode display
all was correct in 1.2
print on paper (or to pdf) has obviously the same problem
export to pdf (by Dorico) is correct

Edit: forgot to say it is a svg picture

Could you email the project and the SVG file to me? We have made some changes in Dorico 2.0 to improve the resolution of SVGs when printed, and I guess this has caused the problem here. Please include the make and model of your printer.

For the time being, I recommend exporting to PDF and then printing that.

here it is
printers I tried:
microsoft print to pdf
lexmark mx310dtn
PDF-Xchange standard

Claude, if you double-click the graphics frame in Engrave mode and then re-load the graphic, and finally set its ‘Fit mode’ to ‘Aspect fit’ in the Properties panel, then switch back to Print mode and print it again, do you find that it prints OK? It does for me.

yes its working this way
thank you
Its sad that the SVG is transformed to raster (png) when printed

It is indeed rasterised, though at a high resolution. In the future we do intend to handle the drawing of SVG graphics directly so that they will be output as paths, but it will take a bit of time to do.