Image Drawing

I’ve brought this up before, but as I recall, I didn’t get any help with it. It’s happening again, so I’m going to state my issue again, and try to get a handle on it.

Looking at parts on tracks in my project window, the drawn wave form shows what I should be hearing- but I’m not hearing it as shown. Everything is pushed ahead a 1/16 or so. When I then open the wave editor, it shows the part as I hear it- on the beat. It’s not all the time; it may vary from slice to slice. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?


And now, 2 minutes later, I’m looking at my screen and suddenly all the wave forms disappear from the tracks, and a second later the 2 slices directly in the center re-display their wave forms. The tracks to the left and right are still blank though, but if i scroll further left or right, the other slices are showing their waves. AGGH!