Image Export

It seems that the PNG export, while of excellent quality, is lacking two things that would really make my life easier:

  1. An image size that matches the size of the music exactly (e.g., no white space).
  2. Customizable file name.

Am I missing something? I know that it’s possible to specify a custom page size, insert a music frame the size of the page, etc., but it would be nice to have an easier way–I do a lot of image exporting for insertion into documents, and speeding up the process is important to me.


What you’ve mentioned already seems to be the best workaround for an in house Dorico Approach.

I have a screen capture program that allows me to choose a setting which places the screen captures directly onto the copy/paste clipboard… From there is a simple matter of pasting in the results into whatever document program your working with. This approach is about as easy as it can get. But, the trade–offs are you don’t have a saved export file for later use. and it’s not pasting in high quality (vector) .svg formats. . . They are .png files (but still of a good quality).