Image frame: 1 bug, 1 request

I’m working on a project that requires hundreds of musical examples. Dorico’s option to add an image has expedited the process when I copy from a digital score. I use a screen capture tool to collect the portion of the score I want to use, save it to a graphic file, then import that file into a Dorico graphic frame on the page where I’m creating the musical example. To me, this is MUCH EASIER than splitting the screen. (I needed to say that emphatically for everyone who feels the urge to offer that solution.)

  1. the (possible) bug. After completing the example in Dorico, I delete the graphic frame. I then see that the page layout has been altered, though I didn’t tweak the margins or adjust anything within the layout. So there’s the added step each time to manually remove all page overrides. This extra step is not a big deal, but it doesn’t feel like the program is operating as it should?
  2. the request. It would save several extra steps if Dorico’s graphic frame would accept an image from the clipboard. As it is now, I need to save an image file, insert it via a dialog box, then manually delete that file when I am done.
    Ok, my situation is likely uncommon. But I can imagine that an image cut and paste would expedite the workflow of many who want to grab a symbol, part of an image, or somesuch to include in a score or example–without having to figure out what to name it and where to save it.
    Thanks for considering these concerns and ideas. As always, I’ve greatly appreciated the thoughtful responses I’ve received here.

Are you saying that Dorico changes something in the layout as a result of your deleting the Graphics Frame?

I just rechecked. The layout changes the moment I add a graphics frame. I go back and remove page overrides because I’ve had trouble with scores that have had page overrides in the past.

Are you doing anything apart from adding a Graphics Frame, such as resizing the Music Frame(s)?

It might be easier to figure out what’s going on with the aid of a screenshot, or preferably a cutdown project that exhibits the problem.

Here is a before and after comparison. (hope this way of adding screenshots works)

Forgive me for being dense, but what’s changed apart from the Graphics Frame (and indication of Page Override)?

You’re not being dense. Nothing has changed. I’m just concerned that having page overrides in my document will make it unstable, as this has happened in the past. Sorry, but I can’t remember what caused those overrides.
And when I remove the frame, the override remains.

The thing that caused the override is the addition of the Graphics Frame. Adding a Frame or adjusting a Frame creates an override, because the page then differs from the Master Page that defines what the page would usually look like.
Removing the additional frame or resetting the width/height/whatever of the usual frames doesn’t remove the override. It’s exactly the same as, for instance, turning on a property and setting it to the same value that’s defined in the global (Notation/Engraving/Layout) options.

If the complaint is that removing the frame doesn’t remove the override, then note that that you can save yourself that step. Remove the override and the frame will automatically disappear.

That’s a cool way to cut out a step. Do you happen to know if I even need to remove the page overrides?
On another matter, I mentioned a desire to paste images into Dorico. I don’t suppose you know much about the likelihood of that option appearing?
Thanks for your help Leo!

It’s a good idea to remove page overrides where possible (and you can define a keyboard shortcut for it, making it slightly quicker). For instance, if you have an override on page 8, then later insert a flow somewhere meaning that All My Loving is now page 9, that page 9 is going to have the page number in the wrong corner - once you have a page override the page is effectively locked as manual.

Likewise, if you’re planning on putting e.g. Blackbird, Michelle and Baby You Can Drive My Car further down page 8, you’ll likely find that the Flow Headings won’t automatically be drawn unless you remove the override.

If you know that the layout isn’t going to change in future, there’s no particular need to remove the override.

For pasting images, I have no idea. I agree with you that that’s a nice idea.

I use the graphic slice to save each excerpt, and often alter them a bit before including them in a web page or pdf. (Check out a sample if you wish: The 24 Universal Melodic Figures | Figuring Out Melody)
All that to say that fortunately, page numbers will be one thing I don’t need to concern myself with.
Do you think that the developers saw the feature request in this string?

If you don’t need Flow Headings or page numbers then, sure, you probably don’t need to remove the override.

I’m sure that someone will pick up the feature request regarding pasting.

I agree it would be nice if you could paste a graphic into a graphics frame. I’ll make a note of this as something we can maybe address in a future version.

Cool! Thanks, Daniel!

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