Image Line Plugins Rarely Work

For all my Image Line plugins, very often they will load up all blacked out and won’t work or be responsive. This is only an issue I have with my Image Line plugins… haven’t had it with any other plugins. They are all 64 bit too. To fix this, I have to remove the plugin and re-add it or actually more often I have to restart Cubase completely.

This is an issue I had in previous versions of Cubase, but it’s gotten a lot worse in version 9.5

Cubase version: 9.5
OS: Windows 10
System Specs: Intel Core i7-5820, 32gb Ram

Strange, mine (Harmor, Sytrus & Vocodex) work on a similar computer setup as you have without a problem. Have you updated their plugins recently, those with the vector graphics?

I believe I have… I will have to double check on that. The one that blacks out the most is the IL Parametric EQ 2. Harmor works most of the time, and I can’ recall any issues with vocodex. I haven’t been using sytrus too often, so I’m not sure how much it affects sytrus. But it definitely messes up IL Parametric EQ 2, and now with version 9.5, Wave Candy has been freezing a lot too.

Harmor and Harmless are working fine for me here.

Cubase 9.5.1, Win 10, i7-2600k, 32Gb

Harmor usually works for me; it only rarely acts up. But IL Parametric EQ 2 stops working a lot. And Wavecandy probably messes up second most. Do you use that?