"Image Under Construction" Problem

So all of a sudden, my project tracks (2 drum tracks, 2 bass tracks) start having a problem where random slices of the tracks do not show the waveform, but show the “Image Under Construction” message. If I double click on a slice, it opens the editor, and I see the waveform flashing alternately with the “Construction” message.

I look this issue up on this forum, and followed some of the suggestions to eliminate the problem, such as removing the peak files from the Images folder. The problem is not resolved, in fact now there are NO images on my project. I return the peak files to the Images folder and restart the project.

Now I have images (most of them, some are still missing), but the timing for the drum tracks has shifted from where I left it; the tracks have moved forward several milliseconds. If I open the editor, the images are where they should be and play back normally. They also play back normally in the project window, even though they appear to be off the beat.

Then it was fine for a while, like 30 minutes, but it started happening again.

Anyone have any other thoughts on this?


Although this subject doesn’t seem to attract much attention, I wanted to update: The problem persists, but it appears to have stabilized, meaning that while most of the images (in the project window) have returned, many have not, and the rapidly-alternating waveform/“Construction” message have become fewer in number. For the moment, I can work with it, but the problem is by no means resolved. I’m hoping it’s something specific to this project, and that it will not continue into the next. I am currently having to go back through the entire song and completely re-edit/re-sync/re-stretch the drum track, which is nothing short of a major downer. I find it odd that the bass track was not affected the same way as the drum track.

I’ve been having a similar problem with one specific project. Audio drop outs and stuttering, and the odd thing is it happens on the same part every time. Doesn’t matter if I shift it and bring it somewhere else in the sequence. Also constant Image Under Construction, or Image Construction Error. Did a backup of the project, opened up, same issue. Deleted Preferences, deleted Images, no difference.