Hi everyone:

I´m having this issue a lot and don´t know how to solve it. Some audio files don´t show waves but “image under construction” and stay this way.

Does anyone know why it happens and how to fix it? I tried trashing preferences but did not work.



Nuendo 7.0.35 on W7 Ultimate- I5- 8gb RAM.

Are the files in your pool and in your project directory or do they link to external media?
What happens when you consolidate the files?


I want to pose a couple of questions and then tell you why…

  1. was this project started in a version of Nuendo earlier than N4 ? (N3 or before) ??
  2. does this project live on a network drive with restricted permissions. Is it a network drive that is “Locked” to changes being made/saved?

I have this issue ALL the time, because I have hundreds of projects which were started in N3 that I use Daily, and they live in a Network drive that will not allow ANY changes, and nothing can be saved to that drive.

I typically have to open the project in N6, N6.5 or N7 (depending upon where I am working) and “backup” the project to a local drive to work on and save the project. In the middle of the night all new work is merged and saved back to the network drive (here in referred to as the Vault).

When load these N3 projects from the Vault (an N3 project open in N6) I get events on the timeline with NO graphics, because Steinberg changed the way graphics files were created, which made the size of the graphics files increase by about 4x. So since I cannot “Write” to the vault, N6 cannot create NEW graphics files. When I “backup” the project to a local drive It still will not create the files during the backup phase. I have to save the project, close the project, then open the project from the NEW local location. THEN it draws the graphics files. I save this as an N6 (or N7) project so that when it is re-written back to the vault at night, the next time I use this project it will open correctly in newer version of Nuendo without having to copy/change/resave/reopen. I figure in about 4 years I will have reported all projects to N6, just in time to redo them again in order to work with N27 :laughing:

give me a little more insight into your setup, maybe I can tell you why it is happening.


Hello Oliver and Brain:
Thanks for the quick answer.

Yes Oliver, the files are in the pool and already consolidated in an external media. I used the “Detect silence” option to separate the waves. Sometimes when I consolidate just one waveform, the graphic appears again. Sometimes not.

All sessions where created with Nuendo 7 on external drives connected directly to the computer. I had these problem with older versions too. It happens the most when I receive lots of 90 min-180 min length mp3 or wave tracks ( more than 10 tracks) but in smaller sessions too. I thought it was a RAM problem but I think 8gb is more than enough.The weird thing is that , sometimes the graphic appears for a moment and then disappears again showing the message"under construction" .
Any help would be appreciated.

That is really strange.

I have only had problems with imported files from AAFs when I copied the files across to the local HDD and the AAF would reference the external rather than the internal media. Then, when the drive was unmounted Nuendo would search for some files internally and others externally.
If all is consolidated to the internal drive I don’t see why this could happen.