Imagegenerator.dll is missing

Hey Folks
I moved from Washington to California and when I finally got my computer up and running I hit my Cubase 8.5 Icon on my desktop and its telling me my imagegenerater.DLL is missing and to try reinstalling 8.5 which I have done to no avail.
I don’t get it, It worked fine before we moved. I can load version 8 but 8.5 is puking.
Any suggestions :frowning:

Is the file imagegenerator.dll present in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5?

If not, not all files installed during the installation.

Thank you for your reply
It seems the little fart file is in that very location sitting alone in a list of file and folders.
So what I did was click on the dll and it asked me what program I wanted to open it with and it opened Cubase 8.5.
8.5 loaded, When I try the icon it still says the dll is missing so I sent the dll to my desktop and now its fine. click on the dll it loads.
This is weird
Thanks again for your suggestion. It gave me something to go do.
Patrick :smiley: