ImageLine Vocodex Crashes VST Bridge

Having Problems with IL Vocedex in Cubase 6.5 and 7.0 64 Bit
It’s a 32 bit Plugin and I get errors with VST Bridge.
Get ‘System Error Code:1400 Invalid Window handle’ (In VST Bridge) and crashes with hundreds of error windows.
Sometimes only 2/3 of the Vocodex window is displayed (I have two monitors different sizes and I think this causes it)
Crashes Cubase when it closes, or if I make changes to the window layout.
Sometimes the Vocodex window is completely blank.

All other plugins and Cubase itself work fine. I don’t have the any problems with Vocodex in Cakewalk 64 Bit though, So I think it is just the Vocodex(32)/Cubase(64) combination.
Using Cubase 7.01 64 Bit
Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium Latest Version
Intel Core I7-3770K
8 gig Memory
Focusrite scarlett interface.
Latest version of Vocodex.
Thanks for any help.

it doesn’t work in 64bit Cubase… you have to use JBridge…even then it doesn’t work well.

i’ve been down this road, there is no happy ending…suggest you find another vocoder plugin.

NI Razor kicks ass


I bought Vocodex yesterday, and experienced the same problems as those described in this thread. I searched Google for soulutions - that’s why I stumbled over this thead.

I wrote a post about the issue at the IL Forum, called Vocodex Crashes VST Bridge.

Today there was a reply, supplying a download-link for Vocodex 1.0.5 Beta. I have treied it for a little while - and it actually seems stable so far. So maybe there is a happy ending after all. :smiley:

But you already know, I guess. Anyway, the Beta is here:

Image Line - VST plugin betas (June 2013)