Images as Stickers?

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to make a songbook for children in Dorico.
I would like to ad images freely to the songs without having multiple master pages with different MusicFrames.
Would there be a Possibility to make Music Frames and moving them around without have “Overrides” in the MasterPages?

If you have pictures in different positions, you would at least have to have a Page Template (Master Page) for each position where you wanted a picture.

Unless there were a way to call up an image from within each flow’s Program Info page (which might be a recommendation if it is not already possible) you would likely have to create a page override to install each image on the appropriate page or else make a separate Page Template with the image pre-installed there (if you thought you might need to reorder your songs).

My sense is that unless one could call up different images via Flow Info, I would make a Page Template for each flow that needed an image. That would let me (or you) use the file structure if I wanted to do another set of songs with different images.

I do what I can to avoid page overrides.