Imaginarium (new music)

let me know what you guys think?

I really like it ! Great sound and acoustics, everything blends very well. Michael.

Sounds like a good backing ( well produced and arranged)track to a good song…for me that’s the next step for this piece…Kevin

Good tune and well mixed. I liked the separation of instruments. The FX on the snare were really cool but maybe the reverb was a tad bright…

When the piano comes in at about 2:40, it might have a little too much reverb on it. It’s fine at the start though. It seems to muddy up the mix about the point.

Great job :slight_smile:

Thanks for feeding back guys, weszme, I agree piano need some clarity, maybe in version 2. again Thanks for watching/listening.

It’s beautiful. Big full sound. I assume it’s meant as soundtrack, not really feature performance.

yeah, classy sounds as usual ,how do you get the drum sound ,they sound very good . just one little niggle the little melody sound which comes in around 27 sec, is it out of tune or is that an effect to make it sound sad or is it me :mrgreen: .

I liked this a lot. It’s soundtrack or background music, yet you want to listen closely. It’s well done melodically, rhythmically interesting, with a nice choice of sounds.
It evolves nicely. Good work. Nice attention to detail - even the logo on the video is cool! :sunglasses:

Wow this sounds amazing! I really like the grove the drums add to it - especially the snare and panned Hi-hats. The pads and minimal acousticesque synths in the background add a whole lot.

Early21: yes it is a sound track, of an imaginary movie :slight_smile:

firestamper : thanks for the bug report LOL! I will check.

Thanks for listening guys, mp3 is better quality, if you like you can download that.

Well done great mix, very smooth great instrument placement love the drums. I too think at 2:50 the mix becomes muddy maybe a little to much reverb or even the low end on Omnisphere (?) pads can be rolled back a little?
Great work


Thanks kzarider…

Very nice recording and mix :sunglasses: I agree that things briefly get a bit muddy around 2:50