Imagine Cubase on 27 inch Lenovo with 10 finger touch

Would be nice if it could really work.!


Really cool, woulnd’t put my coffee on it though :smiley:

Can you imagine having a band standing around that thing whilst try to mix their masterpiece :laughing:

Its already a reality except on a 46" screen I was reading about this today in Sound on Sound

Great, even more room for greasy fingerprints! :laughing: I don’t care for touch screens all that much, my eyesight is getting poorer as I age, I have to look through glasses which are often less than clean, so add another dirty “window” and I’m getting eye strain.

Very cool station though…

why bother with touch screen just build bloody hardware versions , technology is eating it’s self , making touch screen to emulate a real faders ? it’s cheaper to have the real bloody thing just stick a touch screen in the middle for the apps ,its simple …my bloods boiling aaarrgghghghgh :astonished: :astonished:


25 years from now someone will discover the mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

Well ,for one reason , if a company is forward looking enough they could provide vastly different mixer layouts including old style knobs instead of faders or entirely new takes on level controllers.


all i keep thinking about with the raven is if i walked in to the studio with a can of beer or coffee or even nothing and tripped ,smashed my rather thick skull on the raven consul and cracked the screen then your fucked for mixing ,at least with a real mixer with real faders and real knobs i would of only broke a couple of faders and bent a few knobs and lost an eye :wink:

I don’t see any advantages with a FULL touch screen consul ,integration yes maybe but not a full one

Good point. It reminds me of the full-circle aspect of all these new and expensive control surfaces… we need hardware to control the software mixers which were once touted to be capable of replacing all those old hardware desks! :unamused:

no kidding. I can’t wait to see the shoulder/arm fatigue on these dudes while they hold their hands on the stupid screen all day. Not to mention what the screen will look like after a few days of steady use.