Immerse Virtual Studio

There’s this plugin on sale right now

Did anybody tried it? It seems quite cheap compare to the Immerse for Ambidecoder sold by Steinberg. What do you think of this personalized HTRF profile?


I tried it quickly and finally bought it. I’ve always struggled to ear rear sounds in binaural, but with the personalized HRTF profile, it’s now a lot better. I didn’t had time to do extensive work with it tough. And I reckon that everyone’s earing is different.
The link above doesn’t work anymore, here’s the direct link to the product Immerse Virtual Studio | Alan Meyerson, Spatial Post Production for Surround Sound and Atmos – Embody

Dr. Wagner just did a video on it using Cubase: Dolby Atmos + Binaural Rendering + Head Tracking in Cubase 12 - YouTube

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Since Immerse is on sale at the moment @mbourque do you have any comments on it?

I have DearVR monitor, would immerse give any advantages?

What’s the difference between Immerse Virtual Studio and Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder?

Doh! I didn’t realise it came with Nuendo. Now requesting refund. I havent activated it yet so fingers crossed.

@Steve_Lack I dont think you get the individual HRTF codes from Embody in the cheaper one.

The two products have different purposes, though the difference only becomes clear when you review the manuals (which I have linked below).

Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder is for spatial audio through headphones using an HRTF: it is meant for those creating Ambisonic content or similar spatial audio and it supports head tracking using VR headphones or a VR headset. There is an AmbiDecoder built into Nuendo 12, but you only get the HRTF option in AmbiDecoder if you have an Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder licence.

Immerse Virtual Studio is for virtual studio monitoring using an HRTF. The Headphones Match built into Nuendo 12 is only a headphone response correction - it doesn’t have the HRTF-based surround monitoring of Immerse Virtual Studio.

Does that mean even though in Steinberg Download Assistant in the Complementary Products section it says we get Immerse with VST Ambidecoder we actually dont get the full version that gives us HRTF?


As David_W replied, those are 2 differents apps. I haven’t tried Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder.

Correct. As the Nuendo 12 help on VST AmbiDecoder says:

  • IMMERSE mode allows you to use HRTF profiles with the IMMERSE with VST AmbiDecoder application. To select an IMMERSE profile or check for profile updates, click the triangle on the right of the IMMERSE button. This mode requires a valid license of IMMERSE with VST AmbiDecoder. For details on how to get a license and use the application, visit

SDA is merely noting that you can download Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder for free - I guess it might have the same functionality as the VST AmbiDecoder built into Nuendo 12 without a licence, though I haven’t tried it. If you want to use an Immerse HRTF then you have to buy Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder once any trial period has run out.

I dont think you understood my question. Its apparent we get the full version included because it says “Immerse with VST Ambidecoder” in the Download Assistant > Complementary Products

Yet when I try to run the app it asks for activation code. The other two complementary product in the dont need activation codes.

I realise you may not know though. Does anyone know? Maybe I should cancel my request to get a refund. Thats the urgency for me.

Just because something is in the Complementary Products section of SDA doesn’t mean that it is fully featured without payment. I personally think that section name is misleading - some things that are there are genuinely free (the DDP Player was unbundled from WaveLab and is now shipped separately; I believe it is free for everyone now, though it is hard for me to tell as I have a WaveLab Pro licence).

I am pretty certain that you cannot use an Immerse HRTF in AmbiDecoder without buying a licence, even if you own Nuendo 12. The only way to know is to try it and see - until you input your activation code, you should be able to get a refund.

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Thanks yes thats the conundrum though. Support have replied and said they will check to see if I have used the activation, if I havent then I get a refund. I havent. Yet. I assume what youre saying is that I will need to enter the code I purchased (forfeit my refund). It doesnt even want to run the stand alone app without a code hence there is no way to demo it that I can see.

I think that you can activate a trial version of Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder. Does that link allow you a time-limited demo?

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