Immerse with Ambidecoder.....Steinberg Marketing stunts

I just bought immerse with ambidecoder thinking it was a required application to listen and mix in surround with headphones. I later found out it’s for your personalized profile for listening and mixing in surround (optional actually). There’s youtube, facebook and standard profiles. Why is Steinberg not clear enough on adverts that you can mix surround with headphones without third party applications like Immerse? I kept getting these ads on immerse and thought its a required application and reached out for my wallet.

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Because it is not about surround sound at all (like for video), it is about immersive audio (like for virtual reality applications).

On this point. I am undecided whether to buy Immerse. I consider it a lot of money for what it does.

My question is - if I’m mixing using Immerse, is it of any benefit to the listener? Could it actually be detrimental to the listener if their listening profile is more inline with a standard or facebook set-up?



Exactly the point! and Steinberg appears to be in bed with this company, whereas the profiles (Facebook, Standard…) in Ambidecoder are really very good as well. And the pricing is off the charts for a less than 20mb app whose only utility is profiling. This is one week and I haven’t heard from the company after paying 189 Euros; No licence; no response; nothing. I have downloaded the app, paid for the licence through bank transfer, but I can’t use the app because the company is snail speed in delivering my licence; not even acknowledging my payment and yet the money has gone from my account long ago. …I have raised a support query on Steinberg’s website and also sent a mail directly to the company and no response. Very pathethic.