Impact GX61 buttons patch + and - Does not change patch on HALion Se

Cubase Pro 11 Win 10


How did you try to assign this function?

Thanks Martin,

The GX has hot buttons programmed for plus minus patch, which work when using Sylenth.
Example: I browse through different engines tribeworks or polywave pick which engine I want then type IE bass, at this point I would like to scroll through using the GX instead of my mouse.

Cheers Colin


You would need to assign this function (Navigate Up/Down or Next/Previous Preset) to any GX61 button, which sends MIDI data by using Generic Remote in Cubase. I’m afraid only the Transport section is sending MIDI data on the GX61. So most probably you can’t assign the function to the Oct-/Oct+ buttons, I’m sorry.

Hi Martin
Thank you for your reply, very much appreciated.
Kind regards Colin