Implementation request: separate stretch Monitor Mixer view for Midi Controllers

It would be very nice to see a support of an ultra wide monitor for a mixer view that is customizable to the used DAW controller like MCU or whatever. Goal is to buy an ultrawide screen, place the Cubase Mixer there with metering, Channel names, pan, Mute Solo … and configure it in a way that it fits to the number of Channels of the Controller. The screen should also shift left/right if Back +/- is pressed. If I use a Mackie MCU with two XTs (24 channels) then I should be possible to put a monitor there which has the width of these 24 channels and I can put the cubase mixer there in a way that the cubase Mixer channels fit to the MCU channeles. The Mixer channels should follow the bank/channel +/- , so that is nice in sync with the hardware controller. pleas eimplement this feature !!!


Add the feature-request tag, please.

done, thanks for the hint

Don’t understand the feature request, since the mixer adapts nicely to my 29" screen,
with 16 channels that are the channels on my X-Touch and my X-touch extender.
Just type in the number of channels you need to view and buy the monitor that fits to your surface.


Which Cubase version do you use?
Cubase Pro has 4 mix console windows.

Does it move automatically if you press Bank or channel +/- on the controller? So is it in sync with your Controller channels?

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The new MIDI Remote is in sync with the track selection. And the MixConsole scrolls to the selected track.

Great, i have to give it a try!

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Never knew you could do that - should be useful.