Implicit key signature

Hello Forum!.

Is it possible to respell notes according to a certain key without changing the key signature?

As you will remember, in contexts of frequent modulations, the “neutral” key signature (no sharps or flats) is common; but the notes are written following a certain key (that is, with the necessary accidentals), and the accidentals change according with the modulations.

For example: Poulenc, post-Puccini opera, etc.

In Finale there is a feature that allows it. Is that possible in Dorico?

Best regards (and, as always, thanks for this software and forum!)


I’m not aware of such a feature. But it would be a cool upgrade to the (already super-upgraded) Shift-I popover to type the same input as the Shift-K popover and get the note/chord-spelling you would expect from that key.

Yes, in 4.0 now it is possible! See “Melodic and rhythmic transformations” in the 4.0 Version History PDF, specifically the last paragraph on page 42. And check out the options in the Map Scale dialog in the 4.0 User Guide.

Write > Transform > Pitches > Map Scale, or you can use the Note Tools popover.

Thank you! I will try that.