Import 2 mono tracks into a stereo one


I’m probably missing something, but I can’t figure out this one.
I’ve converted my old VS2480 files (with VSwave-export) into mono waves tracks.
After importing them in Cubase, how can I put 2 mono tracks into one stereo one ?
Is there a way of doing that without bouncing of course please ?
I’ve so many tracks, that having one stereo track instead of 2 mono would help clearing things out for mixing !
Thank you for any help !


I’m afraid this is not possible. But you can route them to the same (stereo) Group Channel. Then you can mix it (the Group Channel) like a stereo track. If you want to edit it at once, you cannot them to the folder, and enable Group editing.

Or you can Bounce it, and import back to the project.

Hi Martin,
Thanl you for you solution, seems the best way to go apparently !
I don’t like bouncing tracks, hard to change habits :smiley:

Hi Arthur,

Just for info, Nuendo can do this. You can Convert Tracks > Mono to Multi-Channel from the Project menu.

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Not sure if this would help, but there’s free software from Sound Devices (who make pro-audio records/mixers) that will combine Wav files.

Thanks to all, I would really like to do this within Cubase (what’s the point of buying a software if you need another one to fulfill a simple task ? :smiley:)
Creating a group channel is not really a solution as you can’t see if there’s an event or not on you track when you’re mixing.
With large projects, 2 mono tracks instead of a stereo one make a lot of difference in the end…


I own both Cubase and Nuendo and I HATE having to open Nuendo just to do a simple task like this. I would NOT call this a post-production-specific operation or feature!

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I would import them on 2 mono tracks, pan them , and use Render In Place, to make a stereo track.

I would also do this, but Arthur doesn’t want to Render.

I just don’t understand why ? it’s pure digital no DA-AD going on, and it would be possible to put most of the steps in a macro. If it would degrade the signal I could understand the adversity against rendering.

I would import them on 2 mono tracks, pan them , and use Render In Place, to make a stereo track.

I think in the end its same as what Nuendo does with the “Mono to Multi-Channel” command. Nuendo is rendering new files too.


I guess I could use the render in place thingy that’s true…
I like to edit in a non destructive way, and I’m aware that it is probably stupid.
I just thought there would be a really easy one click way of doing it :smiley:
Thanks to all !

Render-in-place is non-destructive in that you will still have the dual mono files intact and untouched, so you can revert to them at any stage, but yes, it would be nice to have a simpler method.

Render in place wasn’t working for me at first, but I figured out if you go to render settings, select “As One Event”, “Complete Signal Path” and “Mix Down to One Track” it will convert the two mono tracks to a stereo one. I hope that is helpful to someone.

The disadvantage is you have to choose a name for the file. Since I’m converting many different file I gave it a generic name like “Rendered” and it will automatically increment (Rendered-01, Rendered-02 etc)

A good feature request would be the ability to type %NAME, so the rendered file would be automatically set to the name of the mono tracks you are converting. Or simply add the feature from Nuendo into Cubase. A lot of times I have extra audio besides what’s in the event (handles you can extend) and the RIP process destroys the handles. So the Nuendo process is probably superior if it is able to render the entire file and not just the part of the event that is being used.

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I just looked this up because I often face this time consuming issue when updating old projects. I was hoping there would be a way to do it all inside Cubase but I guess not then. I open the two files in Sound Forge and combine them there. A workaround. A pain the butt. Apparently necessary then…

How do you do that in SF please…?


So you open the two mono files. Down at the bottom right where it says “mono” you click and convert to stereo. You choose whether you want the file to be on the left or right. Then “paste special” the second file over the empty channel. Then re-import onto a stereo track x

Ah.! Thank you… I will try this when I next get to the machine with SF on it.

(Apologies to OP for veering off a little)


What I’ve found is annoying is importing an OMF with crossfades in it. If I want to convert from dual mono to stereo, the crossfades will become rendered into the resulting file. In a perfect world you could:

-Convert the mono source files to stereo interleaved
-Re-apply crossfades to your material non-destructively.

Sounds like this is a feature request for nuendo as well?