Import a multiple Cubase songs into a project

I’d like to build a setlist for my band and need to have several Cubase projects incorporated into a single VST Live project. It seems that if I try to import a second vlsprj file into Live, it wants to create a new Live project. I’d like to have an entire gig as one project with multiple songs (which were originally created in Cubase). Am I missing something here. Thanks in advance…

When you import in VST Live, the dialog shows several options, one of which is to create a new project, or to create a Song inside the current project. With the latter, you can import one by one.
Also note that you can use the Cubase Arranger track to import several sections into multiple Songs. Check the import options.

Ah yes, missed that check box - now it works as I had expected (hoped) it would. Thank you for the prompt response. -ew