Import a Tempo Track

Is there an option for importing a Tempo Track?
I have searched the forum for an answer without success

Creating and editing a Tempo Track in VST Live is very dificult (too many bugs), and so is programing DMX without been able to lock to a usable tempo track.

I´m working on a VST Live project using audio backing tracks (not played to a metronome) created in Logic Pro.
In Logic Pro I have a tempo Track synced to the audio files
Is there a way to import that tempo track?
Say…exporting a midi file from Logic Pro (that contains the tempo and time signature changes) into VST Live.

Is that posible?

There´s a lot of potential in VST Live, but too many rough edges.
Still, I want to make it work, and program a whole set list for an upcoming project.

Thanks in advance,

Hi! Alhough it’s not possible directly, I have trick, if u have Cubase:

  • Prepare tpo track in Cubase
  • export to VST Live
    -import to VST live as new song
  • Copy / paste tpo track to song you originally wanted to import tpo track
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That might work, give it a try.

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Can you name a few? Thanks!

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Most say that I really like Cubase´s workflow as I have use it previosly on many projects (CUBASE SX era).

Sadly I don´t own CUBASE PRO. I recently bought a copy of CUBASE Elements 13 for this purpose but then notice that it doesn´t support Tempo Tracks.

Did not work. VST Live did import the midi track, but did not include the info for the tempo track nor the signature Track.

I see VST Live´s potential,

I´ll be gad to make a list of the shortcomings/bugs that I think should be consider. Probably have it by the end of the day.

Please don´t take it as a negative critic or unconsiuos demand of features, as it is not my intention.

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… yes, that’s a bug or request. It’s already in the making. We try our best to get it fast done.


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Yes, please. It would be great if you could start a new thread and title it with : [1.4.4] Bug XYZ. It’s easier for us keep track. You know that we are trying to publish every Friday a new Pre-Release? They are released here


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Count on it,
Thanksfor the quick response.
Would you rather have a list of bugs in one thread, or different threads for each. bug


let’s use one thread. Thank you,

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