Import and export audio file metadata from CSV in Media Bay

I was working on editing some audio file metadata in media bay this last week and the metadata editing was pretty good. At the end though the metadata wasn’t able to be used by other sound library managers and getting to the metadata directly in the files was a bit of a difficult task. It would be nice if media bay had the option to export a CSV with a list of audio files and their metadata. It would also be nice to be able to import a CSV and have media bay write the metadata to a matching set of audio files.

I’ve attempted to get attention for this but have given up. It is not an issue for SB it seems.

That’s unfortunate. I was able to convert the ixml to an xml using a program called metaedit and then I was able to convert that to a CSV but there was a fair amount of cleanup that had to be done after those steps because any files that didn’t have exactly the same fields filled ended up having out of sync columns in the CSV and the headers were in their own columns instead of being the title in the first row. It’s super annoying having all of the information sitting in front of me laid out like a spreadsheet and not being able to actually send it to a spreadsheet especially because Nuendo already has the ability to import and export CSV files for markers. Hopefully it gets back on their radar because I actually quite liked the way metadata editing worked in media bay

@klfnk2020 Would you be able to send me your UCS implementation? Your link to the UCS slack channel doesn’t work anymore because posts older than 90 days are hidden.

Hey sorry about that. I abandoned this idea and bought soundminer. Much better option for me personally.
I can’t find the documents anywhere so unfortunately so you will have to figure this out from the info here.
Good luck