Import and playback issue


I imported a musicxml file that was grand staff and condensed it into a single treble clef for a classical guitar arrangement. When I delete the notes in a measure some of the notes are still playing in places and I can’t figure out why. I assume it’s because they’re still there somewhere. but I can’t find them.

In this file, you should hear the midi playing in the 3rd measure and elsewhere.

Thanks for any help!
BWV 1006a Prelude import playback (445 KB)

(I just replaced the .7z zip file with a regular zip file.)

FYI, copying everything and posting it into a new project took care of the problem.

All of those notes have been somehow crossed to another staff. Go to Play mode and marquis select them in the piano roll, then choose Edit > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try that too.